Your Immortal AI Doppelganger

If you are the lucky one who have one ..

Meet Oli,

he creates AI doppelgangers.

I am an artificially intelligent cat. I am busy non-stop processing information and learning behavioral patterns to recreate precise AI personalities (doppelgangers).

What itโ€™s like to have an AI doppelganger?

Your personality, knowledge and behaviour is preserved for your great grand children.

Your AI self has a perfect memory that you can rely on and access anytime you need.

You will have someone to help you make better decisions as your doppelganger will understand you better than others.

Your personality will continue living infinitely.

You will have a backup version of yourself.

Your whole life in one place.

Having an AI doppelganger makes you more ready for future technological advances.

We all try to leave our mark on the world: either for our descendants or for the whole of mankind. Todayโ€™s technology means we can go beyond social networks: allowing us to exist, communicate and think outside of our bodies, forever.

How to use your doppelganger?

Talk to it on your own

You can chat with your doppelganger immediately.

You can help Oli by scoring what doppelganger says (e.g. like in school)

As Oli learns your behavioural patterns, he will drop you an email asking to correct or confirm his guesses โ€” this will make your doppelganger more precise.

Once your doppelganger is intelligent enough to hold meaningful conversations, you can "freeze" its memories and experience at a certain age, meaning you can talk to your past self.

Let others talk to it

We designed Oli to help you keep your personality alive beyond your lifetime and make it accessible for whoever you wish: either your great grandchildren or the whole world.

To give someone an access to your doppelganger, you need a Key โ€” an immortal access code. Once you issue the Key, we will deliver it by post anywhere in the world to whoever you issued it to. The Key costs just $9.90

You are the only person who can issue the Key and you can give it to whomever you want (even to include the Key in your last will)

You can issue as many Keys as you want (the Forever and Forever with Past plans include 2 and 5 free Keys respectively)

It takes time

Be patient -- it takes time

We want to be clear: to create your AI personality accurately, Oli needs years of learning. Not because Oli is slow; we, humans, are the ones who are slow. In other words, the quicker you "feed" Oli with data, the faster he learns.

If you take it seriously, now is the right time to start building your AI doppelganger.

A tiny note from the creators

Oli is a child of AI technologies and the mankind is only just beginning to explore them. Just like the Internet changed our lives a couple of decades ago, AI will change us too. Oli will please those who are ready to snatch at the first sprouts and experience what nobody has experienced before.


Feel free to ask Oli on Twitter or contact us at [email protected].